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Greg Orme discovered a face in the Libya Montes region of Mars which is called the "crown face," "crowned face," or "King face," and sometimes, "Queen face." 


This webpage shows what I think are the central images within this feature. 

What follows on this website is my review of the findings of others, in many cases, as well as some of my own findings regarding the crown face feature.  I hope that I have properly credited the correct people with the various discoveries and original theories they have advanced regarding this interesting feature.  It is not my intent to take credit for the work of other people, but rather to acknowledge, with gratitude, the work they have done.  If I have incorrectly credited someone, please let me know.
Similarly, when I advance my own theories below, please understand that I in no way wish to express that any others have given support or endorsement to those ideas.  Where I have erred, it is only my error, and should not be attributed to the others who have worked so hard on formulating their own theories.  No one endorses my findings and opinions except for me; please do not assume otherwise. 

Image Image


MOC: M0203051; Location: Libya Montes; 275.52 W, 2.66 N

The following selection shows the crown face in portrait orientation.




 Note the inclusion of a similar face to the right of the crown face.  I believe Greg Orme also discovered this inclusion.  It has a bit of an angry look with downturned lips.


Also, take a look at the face in profile within the crown face below.  The face in profile is looking to our left.  The discoverer of this one appears to be Jiri Mruzek at this link.


I believe that Jiri Mruzek's overlapping profile face on top of the main face is intended, and in fact, there are thick lines on the main face and a strangely curved nose on the main face which otherwise would have no purpose if not to intelligently display a portrait and profile orientation of the same face at the same time.  It is my belief, that these lines do not represent damage, nor does the curved nose represent a defect in the sculpting.  Rather, these things which detract only slightly from the main face in portrait orientation, actually are necessary to create the overlapping profile effect.  This helps to prove the intelligent design of the artist in the making of the image that can be seen two different ways, (portrait and profile), simultaneously. And so I believe this find is considerably important.  It takes awhile to get this one, so please take your time with it.  This may be a right brain left brain thing.  But once you truly see it, you can no longer not see it.  It jumps out at you, and even overwhelms the image.

Is this the same person yet again, with the profile image overlapping half of the portrait image?

I personally think this is intentional.  In the portrait orientation, the nose should be straight, yet it is strongly curved to our left.  Yet, this is not a mistake.  It is necessary to create it in this way to produce the curvature it will need to produce a simultaneous nose in the profile image.

Now, take a closer look at the lines that produce the mouth and chin of the profile image.  Again, these would be a mistake in crafting the portrait image - just stray lines to ignore.  However, these seemingly stray lines subtly help produce the same face in profile without destroying the appearance of the face in the portrait orientation.

Read more about Greg Orme's extremely thorough study of the crown face at his website: here.

Jiri Mruzek's interesting discussion on coded art here.

Greg Orme's Martian Anomalies

Next page, birds beside the crown face:

Birds beside the Crown Face
Special thanks and credit to Greg Orme and Jiri Mruzek for their work on the main crown face features.
Also, special thanks and credit for the original images taken by the Mars Global Surveyor - Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) to: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Raw Images Courtesy of NASA and ESA.  Special thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed in the search for Mars anomalies.  Also thanks to Google, Picasa, ImageShack, and Photobucket. 
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