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The following feature appears to be a depiction, primarily of three characters, resembling the tribal people of mesoamerica. 


It is located on a steep wall in the Juventae Chasma region of Mars, at or about latitude: 0 degrees, longitude: 296.8 degrees.

Image (label) information is here.

The MRO/Hirise jpeg2000 image can be downloaded at this link (choose the 1 gig version for best quality).  The pixel location is approximately: x=15,804, y=15,982.

There are three primary characters.  I call the one to the far left: "Chief Two Tongues."  In the upper right, you can see the feathers of the chief's headdress. 


To the right of the face, (image above), there is a circular geometric object containing a pattern within the circle.

Chief Two Tongues is sticking out his tongue:

Chief Two Tongues appears again within the same feature.  And again, he is sticking out his tongue.  Below, you can see him looking to our right:

The second image of Chief Two Tongues appears wholely within the first image: 


Chief Two Tongues measures approximately 81 meters from the top of the highest feather to the bottom of the chin.  The width of the feature at cheek level is about 40.5 meters.

The second character which I call "Chief Beard" is looking to our left.  This character also has a circular geometric object prominently positioned on the same side of his head as Chief Two Tongues:

Chief Beard's face is heavily adorned with jewelry, and either has a braided beard or a patterned ornament hanging from his chin.  Chief Beard measures approximately 87 meters from the top of his head to the bottom of the chin ornament.  It is approximately 26 meters in width, across the top of the forehead to the beginning of the circular feature on the side of the head.

 I call the third character in the feature, "Three Feathers."  This character has two circular, geometrically patterned objects on the same side of his head as the other two characters.  He also has what appears to be a patterned necklace on his chest, and his face also seems to be heavily adorned with jewelry.  Three Feathers seems to be a full-bodied character, whose body gradually fades vaguely into the rocky background. His arms and hands are partially extended with his palms in the air.


In the two boxes marked above, there appear to be the heads of two more tribal people in profile, looking to our left.  This feature measures approximately 159 meters from the top of the first feather to the tip of the shoe.  It measures approximately 69 meters from the fingertips on the left hand to the fingertips on the right hand.


Chief Two Tongues and Chief Beard combine to form a larger, though more obscure, face.  You may be able to see it in this image: 

The following image shows the entire scene.  Our characters are jutting out of the steep, jagged cliff face: 

And for those of you with 3-d glasses, here is the scene in false 3d: 

This video shows a few more characters in the background of the feature:
[image] [image]  [image]
Jeanie circled in red, several other small images located within this feature.  Below, I have added color to some of those, and some other small images which I see incorporated into the larger feature:


There is a similar, but more heavily damaged ruin to the south of this feature, within the same image: 


And for good measure, here is a picture of a feature that resembles a gigantic feather, taken from the same Hirise image of Juventae Chasma:

I first saw this feather feature on Jeanie's blog in this image she posted.
Thanks and credit for the original image to NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.  Also, special thanks to "Jeanie Anderson" for her contributions to this feature.
Raw Images Courtesy of NASA and ESA.  Special thanks to EVERYONE who has contributed in the search for Mars anomalies.  Also thanks to Google, Picasa, ImageShack, and Photobucket. 
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